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Life and Death: A Short Story

Published March 4, 2012 by bookspirit99

As the sudden burst of gunfire erupted behind me, I heard the bullet sing. I ducked and drew out a gun from my ankle holster and turned to shoot. The second bullet was better aimed, but I dodged behind a dumpster. I raised my head slowly above the dumpster and a hail of bullets followed. I sat down behind the dumpster and waited for my death.

I had felt followed for several months now. I was always looking over my shoulder. I could just feel the bullet sinking into me while my back was turned. I never once actually saw anyone follow me. I guess my paranoia was right.

I tried to check my pursuer’s position, hailing another volley of bullets, but in the darkness, I could not tell the distance. I sat back down to confront the many thoughts clambering for attention in my brain.

I am not afraid of death, but of what I would leave behind. I am a single mom with a young daughter. She hasn’t even learned to read yet. I want to see her grow up.

I stared off into the darkening distance, just barely registering the flash of the bullet leaving the gun.


The Forbidden Dance of Life

Published March 1, 2012 by bookspirit99

Clang! The gate closing sounded like my doom, which it probably was. I stared down the ghost on the other side, free of the graveyard. She laughed, turned, and ran away with her hair flowing behind her. Read the rest of this entry →

Daniel’s Doodles

Published November 24, 2011 by bookspirit99

“Uhhhgh,” my brother moaned in his sleep. Jamie, Jessica, Kirsten and I were standing silently in his doorway. He didn’t wake up.
We tiptoed into his room and moved toward the head of the bed. He was sprawled out, sleeping heavily. Thankfully, his face was turned up and we settled down around him. Kirsten started doing his nails–all of them–in hot pink. Jamie doodled the Dark Mark on his forearm. Jessica and I started on his face. I picked out a dark shade of blue eye shadow and softly applied it. Jessica applied ruby red lipstick. When I finished with the eye shadow, I added hot pink eye liner. Jessica took out some hand sanitizer and colored pencils. This is where the real fun begins.
I started with a red pencil, dipped it into the tray of hand sanitizer and doodled scars and dragons across his face. Jessica took blue and started a few dinosaurs. Jamie came over and took brown, starting anime. Kirsten finished his nails and also took up drawing. She drew hearts and marching band people across his chest.
Jessica moved across to his legs, intending to doodle more dinosaurs. Diddy grunted in his heavy sleep, making us all jump.
But soon he had settled down again in his sleep. We continued to “prettify” him, now working in depth on his arms. We drew a comic that stretched from his shoulders to his hands. In it, Abbi, our other friend, was skipping stones and waxing philosophic about love.
“I think we’re done…” Jessica whispered. “We have covered every inch of skin exposed.” Read the rest of this entry →

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