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Movie Review: The Ultimate Gift

Published June 1, 2012 by bookspirit99

Jason and Emily on the cover of The Ultimate Gift

The protagonist’s grandfather dies, leavingĀ  his inheritance for the greedy family. His grandson didn’t like his grandfather and so, hadn’t really come to collect his inheritance. He came because he had to. He finds out that his inheritance isn’t the average. He doesn’t get money. He doesn’t get land. He doesn’t get the family business. He gets… Read the rest of this entry →


Inception: Movie Review

Published May 13, 2012 by bookspirit99

Over the weekend, I watched Inception. I have heard many opinions of being confused during the movie. I decided to watch it to see what I think. Read the rest of this entry →

The Hunger Games: Movie Review

Published March 26, 2012 by bookspirit99

There has been so much speculation about the release of the movie, The Hunger Games. Some say that the movie will still be too violent for the targeted audience. It was originally planned as a rated R movie but it would be too mature for the kids that actually wanted to see it (10-25). Others complained that the actors were too old for their parts. I have no complaints.

I had pre-ordered tickets to the midnight premiere the second night tickets were on sale. I was lucky: I heard soon after that tickets were sold out. I anticipated this movie more than any other movie. I never got to see any of the Harry Potter movies at a midnight premiere, no matter how much I wanted to. I made special efforts to go to the Hunger Games midnight premiere. It was so worth it.

The movie stayed true to the book. I was surprised at how well the essence of the book was captured in the movie. I, as a reader of the series, felt weird when little details like a cat’s fur color is changed. Sometimes the movie left out little funny parts in the book, like when someone fell into the punchbowl, following one of Katniss’s brash movements. I end up feeling that the movie was good, but “important” details, at least to me, were left out. Read and see it for yourself! See my review of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, the actual book, here:

Ink: Movie Review

Published March 26, 2012 by bookspirit99

A Pathfinder

A girl is kidnapped from her bed in the middle of the night. Read the rest of this entry →

Sucker Punch: The Movie

Published January 15, 2012 by bookspirit99

A girl and her sister are abused by her father and she tries to protect her sister. She wounds him with his gun and flees to her mother’s grave, where she is found by the police. Her father called the police on her because she shot him. She was taken to a mental institute where things were done differently. The girls there were forced to be strippers and danced in front of audiences. The girl escaped the pain of being there by entering a fantasy world in which she fought her way and accomplished missions. The whole time, she never gave up the hope of escaping the horrible place.

I felt that this was a wonderful movie, just very mature for some audiences. The weird mix of action and imprisonment was well done and kept you on the edge of your seat for the duration of the movie. The end is really sad but I won’t tell you any more than that because it will ruin the whole movie. I think you should watch it if you are over 14 or so. Be mature and don’t let your little siblings see it. It would scar them for life. The meaning of the story was good and able to be understood by them but the content is really mature. I personally loved it!

Link to Trailer!

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