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Best Books Turned Movies

Published November 26, 2011 by bookspirit99

I think that there are several movies that were made well from the book. Here they are: (Note: these are only books I have read. There probably are plenty more!)

1. Harry Potter #1-7 part 2

2. The Lord of the Rings Read the rest of this entry →


Daniel’s Doodles

Published November 24, 2011 by bookspirit99

“Uhhhgh,” my brother moaned in his sleep. Jamie, Jessica, Kirsten and I were standing silently in his doorway. He didn’t wake up.
We tiptoed into his room and moved toward the head of the bed. He was sprawled out, sleeping heavily. Thankfully, his face was turned up and we settled down around him. Kirsten started doing his nails–all of them–in hot pink. Jamie doodled the Dark Mark on his forearm. Jessica and I started on his face. I picked out a dark shade of blue eye shadow and softly applied it. Jessica applied ruby red lipstick. When I finished with the eye shadow, I added hot pink eye liner. Jessica took out some hand sanitizer and colored pencils. This is where the real fun begins.
I started with a red pencil, dipped it into the tray of hand sanitizer and doodled scars and dragons across his face. Jessica took blue and started a few dinosaurs. Jamie came over and took brown, starting anime. Kirsten finished his nails and also took up drawing. She drew hearts and marching band people across his chest.
Jessica moved across to his legs, intending to doodle more dinosaurs. Diddy grunted in his heavy sleep, making us all jump.
But soon he had settled down again in his sleep. We continued to “prettify” him, now working in depth on his arms. We drew a comic that stretched from his shoulders to his hands. In it, Abbi, our other friend, was skipping stones and waxing philosophic about love.
“I think we’re done…” Jessica whispered. “We have covered every inch of skin exposed.” Read the rest of this entry →

Grand Opening!

Published November 23, 2011 by bookspirit99

Hello, everyone! I am here to welcome you to my blog, Janae’s Books, about reading, writing and reviewing books! I am excited to start blogging and bringing reviews to you about what books I liked or disliked when I read them. I will regularly post reviews on books I am reading and maybe I will post some of my own fiction! That’ll be a real treat, as to the fact that I hardly ever complete a full story…sorry. I will try to be as active as I can, and I know that may not be every day but as often as I can manage!

I am an avid reader, and also active in my community and church. I attend a WELS Lutheran church where I offer my services in Alter Guild and church choir. I play a few instruments in the services, helping to honor God with my music.

As always, enjoy your reading here and feel free to leave a comment—or two! Happy reading, writing, blogging, and reviewing!

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