Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Published May 26, 2013 by bookspirit99

Warm Bodies CoverWarm Bodies
By Isaac Marion

A zombie changes the world by bringing a living girl into his hive.

R is a zombie that is different. He wants more from his boring lifestyle of standing around and groaning. He wants to be able to speak in full sentences and be able to read. He wants to know what his name was. He knows that he is different from his other zombie friends; he doesn’t understand why. One day, he inexplicably decides to bring a living girl back to his hive after a hunt. He smears her with zombie blood, disguising her life scent. As the days go on, R finds himself feeling more human. He doesn’t feed on the living as much. he starts to be able to read again. He learns how to speak longer sentences by the day. All because of Julie, the living girl he brought home from his hunt.

So, I just finished reading Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion yesterday.

When I first started reading this book, I was sort of thinking, “Typical zombie book…blah, blah, blah” but I quickly realized that this was not a typical zombie novel. First off, the story is told from a zombie’s perspective, not a human who is trying to escape the zombies. I loved it for that fact, but sometimes I wondered about how R always seemed to think so much when he couldn’t talk or read. Once I looked past that, the book was excellent. The details in the beginning of the book are gorgeous; I almost found myself puking at the thought of the zombies around R. All the rotting flesh and fresh blood. As the story goes on, R changes his life forever by bringing home a girl from one of his hunts for human meat. He disguises the girl with zombie blood, thus removing the scent of the living that other zombies could smell. He keeps her in his private jet at the airport where the zombies live. He comes to learn more about the living: Julie must eat real food, not just human flesh. After a while, Julie decides to leave. R faithfully follows her because he can feel a change. He feels more human by the day. He doesn’t need to eat as often. He starts looking more human. By the end of the book, he makes a full come-back to life!

Isaac Marion’s abilities with storytelling are amazing. He has the power to describe the smell, the feel, sounds around the main characters any time in the book. These sensory details add so much to the book, making it almost seem real. It’s funny because I came downstairs after reading a few chapters of it, and looked at the TV questioningly. My dad was watching a sports game and I couldn’t figure out how there was a sports game on! In R’s world, the leisure activities are removed. There are no bars, no football games, no parties. The whole world is destroyed. The humans live corralled in sports stadiums like Citi Stadium, and the zombies have free reign of everything else. The humans have built housing developments in the stadiums, leaving room for farming. For the most part, humans are self-sustaining inside the stadium. They only venture out for medical supplies because they have no way of making these supplies. This is where the zombies come in. The zombie hunting packs will attack and eat the salvaging crews. Julie was among one of these salvaging crews, where R found and kidnapped her. R and Julie had a heck of a time trying to find food for Julie at the airport…it was all rotten! They finally found the in-flight meals and Julie ate those for a while.

This book was very different from what I expected; that just tells me to stop judging books by their covers! I loved that it was told from the zombie’s perspective; I’ve never read another zombie book like it! I’m not usually a zombie type person, but this book really grabbed my attention. I would vote this book over The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan any day. 

I believe this book is full worth anyone’s time. I loved it! If you are into zombie books, this is totally for you! If you aren’t…read it anyway!

Even better, there’s a movie! Can’t wait to see it! I hope the play-writers did a good job with the plot-line.


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