I am Number Four

Published November 17, 2012 by bookspirit99

I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

I loved this book! It’s a great read. What should I start with? The excellent, the terrible or the lacking? I think the terrible today.

The terrible: There wasn’t much that was bad with this book. Two things bothered me about this book. One being that none of the inhabitants of Lorien seem to have names. Just “Number Four” or “Number 6″… I would like a few real names because they give texture to the planet itself and a bit about its language. Do they have a language associated with their planet? I never saw anything that mentioned it. My other weirdness about this book is that John tells so many people about his being an alien and most of them are just like “Okay…? I’m good with that.” Could at least one of them freak out and run away screaming? Please? Just for some excitement? (Not that there isn’t enough in this book, because there is!)

The excellent: The entire time I was reading this book, I was half scared for John’s life. The other side of me was like “He’ll make it, he has to.” The idea of the Mogadorians is pretty amazing. They are described well and fulfill the role of the villain quite well. They honestly sort of scare me. I seriously hope they don’t live on some planet far out there in our galaxy! ¬†Great writing, though, to actually make me fear them! The book was so suspenseful. I loved that, because the book would have fallen really flat, had it not had the long parts of suspense. I wanted to read through the night several times. It was just that good! I love suspense and tension. It belongs in books. This one certainly utilizes those tools! I was writing the notes for this blog post at midnight one day. I couldn’t stop reading! The book was written so well that John’s danger was very prominent over me while I was reading. I felt like I myself was in danger. I like that. I totally love Bernie Kosar!!!! He’s so adorable!¬†

The lacking (or the questions): I want to know much more about Sam’s dad and his disappearance. Was it caused by the Mogadorians, like Sam thinks? How does Mark James get along with John so well after what happened in the woods (not saying more, it’s a spoiler)? How the heck did the Mogadorians blend in on Earth? They look so different! It seems impossible that they could blend in like the book says they do. Is it because they look different on their home planet versus on Earth? Plastic surgery? I don’t know and that bugs me.

I love this book a lot! The movie’s prettygreat too. I recommend both, though the book really needs to be read before watching the movie! I am in love with this series!!! Bernie Kosar!!!!!


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