Fahrenheit 451

Published November 17, 2012 by bookspirit99

Book Cover of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Hey Guys! I know, I haven’t posted for almost two months. I was really busy, but now I’m back! Here’s a book review!

I remember many of class-mates in middle school complaining about this book. Now that I have read it for myself, I don’t really understand why they were so against the book. I loved it. It struck very deep inside of me.

For the good: The book and the plot is so realistic. It’s so scary that society today is so close to what was thought to be impossible before. In a bad way. Books and literature are disappearing, replaced with movies, games, and tv shows. I am sort of boggled by the way Ray happened to predict what would happen in the future. Today, people don’t read much. They are losing contact with the real world itself. They “talk” to their friends over Facebook, when they are a few yards apart. This is very similar to Millie’s “family” in the parlor. Ray’s idea of future technology is right in line with today’s technology. We CAN talk to our computers, phones, and TVs. They even respond! When this book was first written, this book would certainly have been considered Science Fiction, but now it’s more reality. Only a few steps in technology, and we would be living his story. Scary, right?

For the bad: What bad? I didn’t find any! I loved it! The ideas, characters, and plot connected straight to me, deep within me. I have never really had this experience before, this feeling of the story really having a meaning to me, not just the wonderful story contained within its pages. I can’t even beat this book up for being a classic, because it really isn’t. Yes, it was written a while ago. But the story is more accurate and telling in our society, not his.

I absolutely loved this book, though I recommend it to teens in high school, not in middle school. Most middle school students would not have understood this book. In middle school, most students do not really for the deeper details, just the shallow ideas. This book is all about the deeper ideas and really thinking about the reading material. I loved it!


3 comments on “Fahrenheit 451

  • I do consider this a classic — but what defines “classic” is different to different people.

    I’m glad you like this one; it’s long been a favorite of mine. I think I read it my freshman year of high school in one sitting. I still get the chills when it talks about “the dog.”

    • I know right? That thing is so creepy! I believe that It is a classic in the sense that it was written long enough ago, but the topics discussed in the book aren’t really topics usually discussed in classics.

      • Not directly — not dealing with books, and certainly not in this way, but the loss of literacy and ability to think has been around a while.

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