Sorry… but it’s summer!

Published May 3, 2012 by bookspirit99


I Wish I Could Be Here!

I’ve been really busy with life and I haven’t had time to post anything on the blog. Life gets in the way, sometimes, yeah? But soon I might get active again. It’s almost summer! what’s not to love? Tell me, what is your favorite part of summer? The heat? The lack of snow? Being out of school? 4th of July? Beaches?
My favorite part of summer is reading. I always read in the summer, going to the public library like once a week. I sleep in every day and then read all night. Great time for horror novels, yes?

The heat doesn’t bother me too much because I’m always inside. I get my summer tan from marching band in the fall. August isn’t summer anymore to me. It’s the beginning of marching season, which lasts until November. This explains my inactivity that time of year. It is always really hot (90 to 100 degrees F) and we get limited water. It’s a great feeling when you are sweating and your sweat goes nowhere. It just beads on your skin. I’m not bragging about how hard Band Camp is, because I am one of the lightest instruments on the field. I would die if i had to play sousaphone. Heavy, metal, and heat conducting. urgh. or a drum line instrument. That could be just as bad. Heavy and hot.

Anyway, on to more than just band. I am working on a prom dress made of gum wrappers. The majority of the gum wrappers are from 5 gum. Nice bright colors! Maybe someday I will finish it enough to show you guys a picture!


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