Ink: Movie Review

Published March 26, 2012 by bookspirit99

A Pathfinder

A girl is kidnapped from her bed in the middle of the night. A shady figure battled the guardians to her. Ink is the kidnapper. He is an “incubus” in training. Incubuses are the bad guys. Ink materializes into the pathway between worlds with the girl’s spirit, leaving her body in a coma. The guardians are trying to figure out how to get her back. A journey starts, involving the girl and Ink, who never shows his face.

This movie was good but was a little too cliche for me. A little girl is kidnapped, taken away, and is rescued by the end of the movie. But the cliche ends there. The incubuses and the guardians are the good and evil of the world. There are story-tellers and pathfinders, who do their own thing. Story-tellers do as their name suggests, but pathfinders are more complex. They are blind, but their powers come from the “beat” of life. There is always a rhythm to life. Pathfinders’ jobs are to find that beat and to use it to control people in their daily life. The girl is hospitalized in her coma, and her father won’t leave work to visit her. Her mother is dead. He is all she has. If her father can’t be torn away from work, she will die–Ink will sacrifice her for the incubus orientation. The fictional side of the society was good added to the classic story of kidnapped children. It was thought provoking and had some parallels with Scripture. If you ever see the movie, comment on this blog and I will tell you more about those parallels.

An Incubus


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