The Forbidden Dance of Life

Published March 1, 2012 by bookspirit99

Clang! The gate closing sounded like my doom, which it probably was. I stared down the ghost on the other side, free of the graveyard. She laughed, turned, and ran away with her hair flowing behind her.

The wind was picking up, and I clenched my hands to my sides. The leaves rattled around me and the other ghosts howled in anger. I turned, bewildered, to the ghosts’ calls.

The light brightened, like the sun came from behind a cloud, and the air became warmer. The ghosts melted away, replaced by their memories of a time long ago. The women were a swirl of color, the guys handsomely dressed. Their garb was from all different times, colonial to present day. There were a few children and babes darting about. I stood and stared, the whirling colors almost hurting my eyes.

They were having so much fun, so I decided to join them. As I edged my feet into the flow, the dancers one by one glared at me and said something along the lines of “no, it’s not your time!” I kept going, determined to join the dance of life.

“NO!” They all turned and shouted at me. “You aren’t meant to be here!”


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